W74 - Co-authoring Communities, Weaving alternative stories into the fabric of society -Griet Bouwen & Marianne Schapmans - Belgium

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
AI and social and societal evolution

During the past two AI World Conferences, a quest to find and understand ways of being, doing and contributing to the common good in organisations, networks and communities was ignited. The love for story (which grew from practicing Appreciative Inquiry) was – and is – the golden thread in this search.

In 2012, we were deeply inspired by Peter Pula, founder of Axiomnews (Canada), and started experimenting with Generative Journalism, a unique approach to journalism that participates with organisations in uncovering strengths, hopes and possibilities. What we saw happening in our practices was so hopeful that it set us on a path of a deeper understanding of the magic of stories in communities.

Another threat was woven into the fabric of our thoughts and practices in 2015 when we met the Re-authoring the World approach, as developed by Dr Chené Swart (South Africa). During long conversations during and after the conference, we started seeing and exploring the transformational nature of stories in community.

In 2018, we started looking back at six years of the development of practices and later also the processes and we called it ‘storyweaving’: weaving people’s experiences as stories in the community and beyond.

There is so much yet to begin to understand about what it is that creates the magic and transformation we see happening in our communities. What contributes to the shift of the taken- for-granted ideas and beliefs in the larger society that surrounds our communities? With these questions in mind, we started to reach out to practitioners, philosophers, social scientists and people who experienced and/or witnessed our work. This is where the documentary enters our journey.

During this workshop, we proudly present the public première of the documentary ‘Co-authoring Communities – weaving alternative stories into the fabric of society’. In this documentary, we embark on a journey to a deeper understanding of the supporting practices, processes and invitations to co-author the past- present- and future stories of communities.

You will be taken on and invited into co-searching with us what the co-authoring practices bring to and in organisations, networks and communities. We invite you to enter the co-authoring space by bringing the offerings of your moved heart, your curiosities and imaginations by making sense and meaning together with us.