W19 - Appreciation - How to use our brain effectively - An introduction into and an experience with the Appreciators’ Traffic Light Model - Gertraud Wegst / Reto Diezi - Germany

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
AI and personal life

The Appreciators’ Traffic Light Model describes different levels of consciousness with their practical implications. Participants will apply it to their own topic and be able to adopt it for their daily use.
What is needed to create an appreciative environment? In everyday’s life we have to deal with numerous challenges. How we react is an indication of the underlying consciousness in this moment shaped by our brain functions:
● Are our red buttons pushed? - (Re-flex) RED
● Is something missing or wrong here? - (Re-action) YELLOW
● Or does our whole system work in coherence, integrated? - (Respons-ability) GREEN

Easy to apply, the Appreciators’ Traffic Light Model offers helpful criteria with which we can discern and assess our own behaviour in a given moment. This allows us to provide a space for our creative brain - right and left hemisphere - to fully function in coherence with our whole system.
Steps are:
● handling our reflex reactions
● detecting our default mode for spotting mistakes, problems, and weaknesses
● letting go of being right
● being willing to change perspectives
● finding steps for growth and development
● creating and being the desired future
● fulfilling on the desired future by inspired actions and supportive community.

Welcome to life!