W18 - Amplifying Kindness at Home Using Appreciative Inquiry - Andrea Frank - USA / Allen Keitz - USA / Marge Schiller - USA

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
AI and personal life

Our workshop will involve amplifying kindness at home and in settings that impact us as individuals and how we bring those interactions home. Our design involves sharing some of our experiences as we have experimented with the topic on this journey. Participants will proceed through sessions where they can complete a self care/ self compassion assessment and identify what are the questions for kindness that lead to the most generative connection across contexts. Some scenarios will include amplifying kindness in traffic, while dealing with challenging customer service interactions relating to home repairs or internet service providers, increasing kindness with our partners and with children/ grandchildren. We will also have an opportunity to report out some of our ideas to the larger group after having shared in smaller groups. My colleagues, Marge and Allen will need to participate remotely as family health concerns are preventing their travel at this time.