W17 - Embodied Appreciation with Creativity, Courage and Openness Marlies Grindlay - South Africa / Mark Dodsworth - South Africa

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
AI and personal life

How ?? By re-learning how to live into the Bio-Centric way!
Mark and Marlies have designed a workshop where you will get to re- evaluate YOU , and how you SHOW UP in life with appreciation as a leader, an inspirer, a guide and a facilitator.
Join us and enjoy connecting with the humanity in yourself and in others, seeking to put LIFE at the centre. We will guide you through a creative journey that will enable you to deepen the positive impact and imagination at play in creating your desired world of work and play.
Our creative facilitation techniques incorporate the four learning styles; kinaesthetic, visual, aural and emotional. In this way we create an environment where everyone is engaged and involved. Through a process of active listening, seek to understand first, pause and then choose your action, living in feedback.
“Listening creates relationships” Margaret Wheatley
Through the following three lenses and using the wisdom of the body, we aim to co-create a meaningful journey of discovery into what enhances life:
Openness- The art of deferring judgement. It’s a vital step that's necessary between action and reaction. We will practice how to experience and see possibility. By opening our senses, we are able to heighten our awareness through simple mindfulness techniques and positive reframing.
Courage- Engage the heart. In a nurturing space, enhance your ability to let go of certainty and allow for emergent creativity and the authentic expression of yourself. Connect with your inner voice and express your potential more fully while at the same time, learning to sit with uncertainty.
Appreciation- Seeing new perspectives. Develop an attitude of gratitude and feel the effects of the language of appreciation for yourself and others, looking for what gives life to a system and within yourself and in relationship. Together we will identify ways to add value and build possibilities.