W15 - Appreciative Inquiry: Generative? Genarrative? Cees Hoogendijk - Netherlands / Gervase Bushe - Canada

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
AI research and development

Cees Hoogendijk is working on his PhD “Genarrativity: Reshaping the Generativity of Appreciative Inquiry in Organizational Life”. The object of his academic inquiry is the behaviour or a community of AI practitioners within the large organization of the City Council of The Hague. This growing community consists of alumni from the in-company AI training, which ‘secretly’ (or at least unofficially) has been provided by Cees since 2013.
His research question includes: “What is the reach and impact of the AI-behavior of these less or more experienced practitioners? If we call this approach of ‘teach them to do it themselves’ an innervention, how does this relate to the more common provided intervention called AI-summit? How generative is this way of slowly growing AI into an organization?”
Especially the last question asked for a panoptical inquiry into the meaning and application of the word generativity, resulting in the PhD chapter “In Search of Generativity”. Cees discovered that generativity is being used in so many different definitions - outside and within the AI-domain - that the word itself is in the need of clarification, before it properly can be used to qualify the various effects and impacts of AI and other OD practises.
To reveal some preliminary insights: the qualifier ‘generative’ is more often connected to objects and results, than to processes. Generativity is mostly defined as ‘producing unexpected new ideas’. What about generativity as transferring the AI-skills themselves to others? Like creating offspring in a biological sense? Should this ‘level’ of generativity be included in what may be called Generativity as a framework? Would the highest level perhaps be known as genarrativity (with an a), referring to the inter relational qualities of communication? How could the reshaping of the qualifier Generativity contribute to the ‘life giving promises of AI’ and to ‘spread AI in the world’?
The workshop is expected to be generative in the sense of ‘creating new perspectives’. Gervase Bushe has to be appreciated for his extensive research on the effects and further development of AI, and for repeatedly including the word generativity within the AI context. More AI-practitioner than scholar, and a non-conformist in his work to enhance the adaptivity of organizations in a complex environment, Cees is delighted and honoured to have this generative public dialogue with Gervase, where both try to ‘generate’ the AI practise into further flou