W13 - Appreciative Inquiry and T`ai Chi Kineo Eberhard Belz - Switzerland / Varje Sommerhage - Switzerland

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
AI research and development

Appreciative Inquiry and T‘ai Chi Kineo - Discover, Explore, Relate

T`ai Chi Kineo is a specific approach in movement.
The strength of this approach in movement is very close and adjuvant to the basic kognitive perception in Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology.
You start where you are, you focus on what is there, you discover and appreciate the energy. Your energy, the energy around, the potential and the possibilities of the situation - beyond right or wrong , here and now. Your unconditioned perception opens up.
Tools are the seven elements of movement, the three-circle-principle, the three modulations in self-dialogue and partner-dialog.
Experiencing the unconditioned perception enables you to discover and to direct the positive core in dialog. This process offers an enormous generative capacity and flexibility in the work with coachees, teams and organisational structures. It develops you in a very concrete and practical way to notice “what is there” and what “life offers” in the very concrete situation.
The interaction of physical and kognitive unconditioned perception deepens and promotes any AI process on any level.