W09 - Authentic Appreciation & AI Principle of 'Authenticity' (Proposed New) Neena Verma - India / Ronald Fry - USA

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
AI research and development

This workshop will inquire into deep meaning & promote self-awareness in AI practitioners regarding the idea of ‘being AI’ not just doing or applying AI for others. The workshop will be experiential & interactive, creating exploratory space for participants to discover their own way of embodying/being appreciation not just enacting/doing appreciation. We will all share stories, let the truth unfold & co-create appreciative wisdom. As appropriate, authors will share their stories of deep authentic appreciation through journeys of conflict, grief & adversity.

If inquiry is the mind of appreciative inquiry, appreciation is its heart & soul. However, only an inquiry coming from a state & space of authentic appreciation can lead to meaningful discovery, well-meant dream, committed design & inspired destiny pursuit. Appreciation is authentic when it comes from deep felt experience. It is much vaster & expansive than praise & positive words. It begins with a unique quality of noticing self & other, and traverses through acknowledging, affirming, valuing, amplifying, enhancing value, reaching crescendo of generative meaning creation & expansive growth. Appreciation feels natural & flows spontaneously, when there is congruence between thought, feeling & action. When appreciation is done or performed as ritual, task, procedure or activity, the process of inquiry tends toward superficial, momentary positivity that may be lacking in substance, depth & impact.

At the core of this workshop is a proposed new ‘AI principle’– the principle of ‘authenticity’. The context & relevance of this principle arises from common observations –
 ‘Appreciative’ mistaken as ‘creating positivity’ – may overshadow the process & quality of inquiry, which is central to AI
 Appreciation overdone without clear focus & direction – may leave people disillusioned at a later stage
 Appreciation coming from out of context/proportion Pollyanna (positivity bias) at the expense of wholeness, runs the risk of robbing the experience of meaning & generative potential. In such an event appreciation may be happening without alignment to real, shared purpose.

The workshop would facilitate an experience for the group to explore their own meaning of appreciation, the way they engage with the process of appreciation both as the one appreciating & the one receiving appreciation. A framework for Authentic Appreciation in the larger realm of AI will be offered.