W04 - It's time to "Drench" - living the Dream before action Wasundhara Joshi - India / Sankarasubramanyan Ramamoorthy - India

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
AI research and development

We have been consultants, trainers and practtioners of Appreciative Inquiry for the past 15 years. We have implemented and experienced the "5D" process in our work with client organizations. We have seen how the energies pick up with the Definition step, groups become emotional when they share stories as part of the Discovery process and there is palpable excitement when the group is able to articulate what they really want for themselves. We have experienced the same energies within us too.
The first three "Ds" nurture the "being" of people, groups and organizations and they get in touch with the enormous potential they have. These are also processes where "generativity" is at the highest. The steps of Design and Delivery (Destiny) focus on "doing" and oftentimes "convergence" resulting in the decline of energy. The reality of having to "do" many things hits the person/ group and the transformational effect of the dream starts to change into some transitional steps.
Some years ago, we felt the need to help the clients and systems to "Drench" in that energy, "just be" and suspend all actions before embarking to act. This was like a break in the process of the 5D cycle and just staying and savouring the sweetness of the experiences they had in the journey. In our experience, we have seen that "drenching" helps the group allow the design and delivery to emerge rather than force certain actions typically like an "action plan" from past experienc.
We hare using the OAR and BEL model to explain what happens during the "Drenching" process - The Observer and her Body, Emotions and Language. The whole process of defining the focus of our inquiry, listening to and sharing stories when we were at our best and developing the collective image of the future that we want to bring to the present helps in shifting the "context" and the "field" within the group or person. This shift in the context manifests itself in the shifting emotions and the languaging that starts to emerge in the group - new beliefs replace the old, words that have more energy seem to flow into their vocabulary and it all manifests in their body as presence.
We will share these stories, offer our conceptualisation behind the "Drenching" phase and also demonstrate the process in the workshop. Some of the questions we explore is around "how does our body respond when we reconstruct our social reality?" "How does our presence shift with our changing emotions and language and vice versa?"