W01 - The wholeness, the social and the intimate spheres: Practiting organic growth Mille Themsen Duvander - Denmark / Eva-Andrea V. Erichsen - Denmark

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
AI research and development

The workshop will consist of a micro introduction to the theory of organic growth created on behalf of a phd research project and of exercises used to practice more balanced and sustainable development processes. Organic growth was conceived during an inquiry into the field of AI practitioners (Cooperrider, 2017) and is an ideal theory of how to develop in sustainable ways. Most AI practitioners live in a world of disturbances, fast pace, instability and overload of information - a world where a growing number of people in general get acquainted with stress, anxiety and depression. The AI practitioners involved in the project showed a certain consciousness around their everyday in micro-moments, a tendency to keep re-introducing the knowledge and wisdom of appreciative inquiry and positive psychology in their lives. Many expressed inspiration from quantum physics (Bohm, 2005) and lived an understanding of interconnectedness, where everything is connected to everything and an approach towards life where love is the foundation (Laloux, 2014).

In the workshop we will practice how to handle and thrive in a challenging workplace and situations with possible verbal and physical threats (Poole, 2012). We will train to be aware and use spheres, communication skills, body language, self confidence and self defence skills (Winther, 2014). The workshop participants will be active, use the room and try different small physical exercises. Together we will explore how using the body affects the mind. This is inspired by the idea of the wholeness between the micro-system and the body and the relations around that micro-system. Growing organically is in this way also a question about training and practice and getting stronger in the energy field and in the body - because these are related.

In some ways this workshop represents a spectacular visit into the future (Gergen, 2015). The future where humans are living the weird science of quantum physics where love is a foundation. Adding from theory and thought experiments this workshop gives also practical ideas of what this future may look like. From our perspective learning is always more fulfilled with the use of the senses and to only speak to heads seems old fashioned. This workshop will invite wholehearted, full body, playful and complete energy micro systems into the room and onto the floor. To connect, sense, be, explore and have fun. Together.