Soh Yeong ROH

Soh Yeong ROH


Art Center Nabi


media artartificial intelligenceurban regenerationsroboticsVirtual reality


Soh Yeong Roh, received BA in Economics at the College of William & Mary (1984), MA in Education at Stanford University (1990). Self-taught in art and technology, Ms. Roh pioneered the new media art scene in Korea by founding Art Center Nabi in 2000. Her experience in the field goes back to 1991 when she served as head of Art and Technology Exhibition at Daejeon International Expo. Seeing the possibility of digital technology transforming much of our lives, Ms. Roh began to explore how we could use the technology to serve humanity, which has become her lifelong passion. From the onset of the digital revolution, she has been a close witness and a practitioner of the new technology, applying the technology in novel and artistic ways. The result has been numerous exhibitions, productions, educational initiatives, and some business incubations. She also serves as a board member of top universities, and finds time to teach and to lecture both in Korean and abroad.

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