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Hi everyone, my name is Louis Derungs and I'm the founder of Algia, a company developing an AI-driven pain management solution. Alongside, I'm a pain neuroscience expert for Mindmaze, the neuro-tech company, certified therapist in Hypnosis (specialised in pain, narcosis replacement in ORs as well as working on other diverse problematics such as anxiety disorders, insomnia,...), AI programmer, keynote speaker (innovation, resilience, pain, VR & AI in the medical field,...), author, member of the Swiss Association for Fibromyalgia committee, Pain management and New technologies in Pain and digital healthcare advisor. The reason I created Algia is to develop a holistic solution for pain management that merges objectiveness and subjectiveness through VR and AI so to tackle pain in hospitals and in people's homes. The main goal being: giving power to patients in their treatment journey and making them realize how much they can be a big part of the solution. As I'm very active in several domains, I'm a super enthusiastic person about quantum physics, blockchain (wrote articles for Bilan), nutrition, ultramarathons, sports, new discoveries and am an adrenaline junkie (bungee jumping, base-rope jump,...). Hope to see you at LAVAL!

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