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Cyberith GmbH is an Austrian company founded in 2014 and specialized in high quality locomotion solutions for virtual reality applications. After entering the market in 2016 with the original “Virtualizer” and “Virtualizer ELITE”, Cyberith‘s technology has obtained a firm position in a broad field of applications globally. Cyberith was quickly established as THE locomotion solution for professional Virtual Reality applications. Customers in the sectors of Research & Development, Training & Simulation and Out-Of-Home Entertainment are pleased using Cyberith’s technology. The team consists of young, creative and innovative people always pushing to reach the next level. Now, at Laval Virtual 2019, Cyberith is introducing a new kind of locomotion concept for the first time. The "Virtualizer Elite 2" is the second generation locomotion device, that pursues a new path of true innovation.

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