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With over 30 years of experience in Scientific Sales, Field & Customer Support, Lab Solutions specialise in supplying Laboratory Instrumentation, Field testing, Consumable and Diagnostic products. 

We mainly focus on the Water, Agrochemical, Petrochemical, Environmental, Pharmaceutical and Medical sectors. 

Lab Solutions and our products meet the required MHRA/ASTM/EPA and ISO standards to supply these markets.

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FLOWSYS III Systea S.p.A. presents FLOWSYS III, a continuous flow analyser taking robust and expedient indirect readings. The system integrates a cutting-edge segmentation technique for modular sample preparation and handling, performing routines with matchless repeatability. This technique ensures that all elements of the analytical procedures proceed within the system’s reaction-line. As the reaction-line measures just one millimetre in inner diameter, the Microflow CFA technique is just one example of the FLOWSYS III’s elegance of design and cost-efficiency. In addition, the system offers an intuitive user-interface, giving users greater access to and control over the FLOWSYS III’s market-leading versatility. From remote-controlled dual-speed pumps, temperature and reagent valves to an unbeatable range of sampling-probe positions, Systea S.p.A.’s FLOWSYS III is a unique high-performance instrument with surprisingly low maintenance-costs. EasyChem 200 Systea S.p.A. presents the EasyChem 200 system, one of the most reliable automated analysers on the market. Boasting a number of the Italian start-up’s most sought-after innovations, the EasyChem 200 is among the most reliable, efficient and versatile automated analysers on the market. Not only is the system capable of performing direct readings at a remarkable rate of two-hundred tests per hour, the EasyChem 200 also offers adjustable parameters for each and every sample inputted. And with a reagent consumption of only a few millilitres per analysis, the EasyChem 200 remains a uniquely cost-effective option for chemistry laboratories across the country.
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