Antibody Depleted Human Serum and Plasma


Pel-Freez Biologicals is the only commercially available, large volume supplier of IgG/IgM depleted human serum which provides a serum-like diluent depleted of antibodies which is useful for: • Extending volume of precious high-titer patient sera samples • Performing dilutional linearity studies • Making quality control serum samples for assay acceptance • Constructing serum panels for assay qualification • Serum panels for qualification and replacement of critical reagents such as bacterial banks and complement • Constructing serum panels for monitoring long-term assay performance Pel-Freez has recently scaled up a proprietary antibody depletion process which removes the problematic IgG and IgM antibodies. Since 2017 we have developed a growing base of over 80 users including several Fortune 500 vaccine companies and CROS, and can produce lot sizes in excess of 4L at our ISO-certified facility. Our antibody depleted complement and serum products are currently supporting several early and clinical stage pneumococcal, meningococcal, gonococcal vaccine programs and more. Many labs and companies waste valuable resources making their own in-house versions of this critical reagent in small batches. Let us save you time and money by making it for you in large volumes! Antibody-depleted plasma is also available as well. More information about our complement products can be found on our On-Demand World Vaccine Congress 2020 Webinar, as well as on our website at: For ordering contact: For technical questions contact: For partnerships/collaborations contact: Dr. Brian Bonk, CEO at
Pel-Freez BiologicalsPel-Freez Biologicals produces high quality raw materials and intermediates for research, diagnostic manufacturing and vaccine testing. Pel-Freez supplies critical reagents to many Fortune 500 vaccine companies and CROs, as well as hundreds of smaller life science companies and research institutions across dozens of countries. We produce a catalog of over 1200 products out of our 20000 square foot, ISO-certified, USDA-inspected facility in Rogers, Arkansas. Of particular interest to vaccine developers: Pel-Freez is the world's largest manufacturer of baby rabbit complement, which is considered by the WHO to be the gold standard complement source for many functional antibody assays for vaccine efficacy testing including opsonophagocytic assays (OPAs) and serum bactericidal assays (SBAs). Pel-Freez is the only commercially available, large volume supplier of IgG/IgM depleted human complement and sera, which many of the world's largest vaccine companies and CROs have had great success with in their vaccine efficacy testing assays. We recently have scaled up our proprietary antibody-depletion process and can produce lot sizes in excess of 4L. Check out our On-Demand Webinar highlighting our complement products. For ordering contact: For technical questions contact: Pel-Freez is always looking for new partners to develop new products, purify proteins, and utilize our chromatography capabilities to work on exciting new projects. For partnerships/collaborations contact reach out to our President and CEO, Dr. Brian Bonk, directly at