With over 15 years’ experience in conducting early phase clinical trials for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies, Nucleus Network understands the evolving landscape of drug development. Access to patients, shortened recruitment timelines and the evolution of pharmacodynamic (PD) biomarkers are key fundamentals underpinning Nucleus Networks multi-country, multi-site approach to Phase 1 clinical trials.
Nucleus networkNucleus Network is Australia’s largest Phase 1 clinical research organisation and the only Phase 1 specialist globally with phase I facilities in the US and Australia. Our Australian phase I facilities are located in Melbourne and Brisbane, and our US phase I facility is located in Minnesota. Combined, our clinics offer over 200 beds. All three clinics are strategically co-located within leading medical, research and biotech precincts: the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Brisbane, and Medical Alley in Minnesota. These precincts provide Nucleus with unique access to ancillary services including bioanalytical laboratories, MRI, lumbar punctures, chest X-rays, ophthalmology assessments among others, hence providing a one stop solution to clients. In the United States, our Minnesota facility has the versatility to conduct Healthy Volunteer studies as well as specialisation in Renal, Hepatic and GI studies. Nucleus conducts approximately 70 phase I studies per year, with approximately 30 of these being true first-in-human trials. Nucleus have extensive previous experience with both biologic and small molecule products across most therapeutic areas. Since our establishment in 2004, Nucleus Network has conducted over 700 phase I clinical trials, with 80% of our clients consisting of US based biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Across our international footprint, we have access to a population of over 10.5 million people across all 3 sites, and the ability to offer a multi-site solution in recruiting participants and patients to our clients. Together with our client partners, we are fulfilling our purpose of ‘Advancing medicine, improving lives.’