ReportR™ - Fully Automated Radiance Data Analysis & Report Generation


ReportR, LumaCyte’s cloud-based cell analysis software platform was designed from the ground up with the end user in mind, delivering a more robust and efficient approach to traditional data analysis efforts. ReportR’s intuitive plots and histograms give researchers the ability to rapidly visualize data and trends, speeding up the development of customized methods for a given application (i.e. rapid viral infectivity measurements). Existing or newly developed methods can easily be applied to previous or new data sets allowing users the ability to fully automate the data analysis and report generation process. ReportR’s integration with LumaCyte’s Sampler software allows experimental details to be entered only once and then seamlessly carried through data acquisition, analysis, and reporting, maximizing efficiency and ensuring experimental consistency. LumaCyte’s end-to-end ReportR platform provides research teams the ability to analyze multiple experiments at once and rapidly visualize data all within minutes of experimental completion.