Custom Recombinant Antibody and Antigen Production Services


Sino Biological offers comprehensive recombinant expression services to clients in the biomedical industry. The technical team stands behind years of experience in producing high-quality protein and antibody products from a variety of platforms, including mammalian cells, insect cells, and E. Coli. Over the years, Sino Biological has established business relationships with many companies and research institutions around the globe, ranging from start-up labs to the world's top ten pharmaceutical companies. Sino Biological provides customized recombinant expression services for the following categories: 1. High-throughput Antibody Production Service 2. Large-scale Antibody Production Service 3. Chimeric Antibody Production Service 4. Antibody Fragment Production Service 5. Bispecific Antibody Production Service 6. Recombinant Antigen Production Service Enriched Experience in Recombinant Antibody / Antigen Production Services One-stop Service: From Sequence to Purified Antibody Various Host Cell Options: HEK293, CHO, FUT8-/- CHO, FUT8-/- 293 In-house Platform: Proprietary Vector, Transfection Reagent, Medium Scaleable Production: From Lab to Industry, From mg to Gram Level For all the service programs mentioned above, we offer a one-stop solution from gene synthesis to the final products. High quantity orders (50+ constructs) will be eligible for volume discounts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customized service team (