Accelerated Subject Enrollment with Excellent Retention


PRN sites work proactively to pre-identify subjects for our clinical trials with the goal of enrolling our first subject shortly after the Site Initiation Visit. Our clinical teams work closely with our investigators to recruit participants from their private practices and via trusted recruitment vendors. Further, our sites deploy technology to facilitate patient visit reminders and stay directly engaged with our subjects between visits to support retention.
Platinum Research NetworkPlatinum Research Network (PRN) is a collaboration of six independently-owned clinical trial site organizations. Together we provide access to a geographic spread of vaccine-specialized Principal Investigators and Clinical Research Teams. Please schedule a Virtual Meeting with us, contact us directly, or continue reading below. About Platinum Research Network PRN is an agile network designed to streamline the communication process with Sponsors and CROs, leading to faster start-up timelines, expedited enrollment, outstanding retention and the highest quality data. Cumulatively, our network includes 122 Principal Investigators operating in 19 Medical Specialties at 61 unique site locations in the USA. Vaccine Specialization PRN clinical research teams excel at delivering high quality data and predictable enrollment for Phase I-IV Vaccine Clinical Trials. Cumulatively, PRN investigators have initiated over 550 Vaccine Trials in 29 vaccine indications. We have enrolled over 36,000 clinical trial participants into vaccine trials - at an average enrollment rate of 110% of our contract goal and with 97% retention. COVID-19 Response In response to the COVID pandemic, our clinical teams have prepared their clinical teams and facilities for robust enrollment of clinical trial participants into 2021 and beyond. So far, our teams enrolled thousands of participants into COVID vaccine studies and hundreds of participants into treatment or diagnostic studies. PRN Member Companies MedPharmics, Meridian Clinical Research, Sterling Research Group, Sundance Clinical Research, Tekton Research, and Ventavia Research Group.