Systems Serology


The persistent failure of vaccine design and development efforts to some of the deadliest pathogens, as well as the mixed results achieved with therapeutic antibodies show the need for new tools to understand and measure immune responses in much greater depth. As a response, SeromYx is commercializing Systems Serology, a suite of high-throughput assays that measure the functional and biophysical features of antigen-specific antibodies, which are analyzed using systems biology/machine learning algorithms. Using Systems Serology, the specific characteristics of the most protective humoral immune responses in in polyclonal pools of antibodies can be defined, allowing the identification of potential mechanistic correlates and biomarkers of protection. These can be used to both guide vaccine design and evaluate vaccine effectiveness. Systems Serology has been used by many major vaccine companies, as well as finding increasing applications in monoclonal antibody and diagnostic product development and proof of concept in immuno-oncology.