Stain Free SDS PAGE Gels


TGX Stain-Free gels retain Laemmli-like separation characteristics using standard sample and Tris/Glycine running buffers. The proteins in the gel can be separated in as little as 20 min using the Criterion electrophoresis cell and then visualized with the Gel Doc EZ and ChemiDoc MP imagers in as little as 2.5 min. The trihalo compounds react with tryptophan residues in a UV-induced reaction to produce fluorescence, which can be easily detected by the Gel Doc EZ and ChemiDoc MP imagers within gels or on a PVDF membrane after transfer. Use Stain Free Gels as part of your electrophoresis or western blotting experiments and eliminate the need for long and complicated staining processes thereby speeding up discoveries and reducing the amount of harmful waste.