Process Chromatography Mixed-Mode Resins


Using over 60 years of world-class expertise, Bio-Rad has developed a range of mixed mode functionalities, led by the best-in-class CHT, for complex purification requirements that demand superior performance & maximum process efficiency. Ideal for the purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), CHT resins provide unique selectivities for the clearance of impurities and aggregates in a single step and at any stage capture to polish. Effective for the purification of established therapeutic proteins, mAbs, and large complex new biomolecules, Nuvia Mixed Mode resins combine cation with HIC (Nuvia cPrime) or anion with HIC (Nuvia aPrime 4A) to maximize product yield with multiple purification modalities. Bio-Rad works directly with drug manufacturers to educate how Bio-Rad resins can meet their manufacturing requirements for product purity and efficiency.