MVS: Peformance verification and optimization for automated liquid handlers, multichannel pipettes and operators


Compatible with virtually all automated liquid handling systems and multichannel handheld pipettes, the Artel MVS sits on a mobile workstation for portable, rapid calibration, verification and optimization of volume precision and accuracy. The MVS’s unique, dual-dye photometric measurements are robust against environmental influences and traceable to SI units to enable comparison across operators, protocols, equipment, and locations. Using the Calibrator Plate, Verification Plates, and an Artel-certified Plate Reader, the MVS supports an unbroken chain of traceability to national and international standards. Key System Capabilities • Verifies the accuracy and precision of all automated liquid handlers (1–384 dispensing tips) and handheld multichannel pipettes • Measures performance over a wide volume range of 0.01 to 350 µL • Measures aqueous and non-aqueous volume transfers, including dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) • Obtains volume statistics tip-by-tip and well-by-well • Provides highly accurate, standardized results, traceable to national and international standards • Eliminates the need for rigorous environmental controls • Simplifies verification and calibration—easy-to-use for technicians of any skill level • Results traceable to national (NIST) and international (SI) standards • Complies with the ratiometric photometric test method of ISO/IWA 15:2015