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Enesi Pharma is using its ImplaVax® technology to develop a range of  innovative needle-free injectable solid dose vaccine products with potential to transform the performance and delivery of vaccines and make a material impact on global healthcare.

Our primary focus is the development of novel solid dose vaccines against a range of infectious and other select diseases, working in partnership with global companies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

By way of means of evidence supporting the transformational benefit and impact of the ImplaVax® concept, public collaborations to date include but are not limited to those with BARDA DRIVe (pandemic flu), WRAIR (Shigella) the Gates Foundation (Measles/Rubella), PHE (Anthrax), and University of Oxford (ChAdOx for Plague). Interactions with key regulators and policy shaping NGOs have been very encouraging to date.

Our non-disclosed global commercial client collaboration pipeline spans multiple projects in HPV, HIV, seasonal influenza, Staphylococcus Aureus, a number of medical countermeasures / emergent threats including COVID-19, and certain DNA/RNA based targets to name but a few. These use a wide variety of ImplaVax® solid dose constructs which incorporate recombinantly produced peptides and proteins, sub-units, toxoids, and viral vectors (a number of variants of vaccinia and adenovirus including Oxford’s ChAdOx).

Clients include the largest vaccine companies, challenger vaccine companies, specialist biotech developers and key governments.  We also have several opportunities in animal health.

Most importantly, our most recent data sets further underline the significant and multiple benefits of ImplaVax® as compared to other vaccination methods.

Target agnostic, ImplaVax® enables needle-free, pain free, thermally stable, unit solid dose vaccine delivery. There is no need to ‘mix-and-shoot’ eliminating needles, syringes, error, injury and cross contamination, with administration taking only a few seconds with minimal if any training required. Cold chain need is minimised and on occasion eliminated.

And in multiple pre-clinical studies, the ImplaVax® format has delivered an enhanced immune response compared to liquid needle controls, potentially reducing the number of doses required and / or the need for adjuvants, also aiding compliance and adherence.

Summarising, Enesi Pharma’s ImplaVax® formulation and device technologies offer significant potential benefits for patients, care givers, healthcare professionals and payers through enhanced effectiveness, safety, ease of use, reliability and stability, and are supported by a strong patient preference over a standard needle and syringe.

Enesi’s experienced leadership team has a proven track record in the successful development and commercialisation of innovative products delivering high value outcomes for all stakeholders.

We welcome the opportunity to e-meet with current and potential partners and like minded investors at WVC Virtual 2020.

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