Avanti Polar Lipids

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Since 1967, Avanti has served the lipid community with the highest purity manufacturing, specialty products and lipid analysis.

Avanti’s eight Divisions are concentrated in one central USA location:

  • Research Products - Highest Purity Lipid Reagents
  • cGMP Manufacturing - API & Contract Manufacturing
  • Adjuvants - Vaccine Development
  • Analytical Services - Lipid Analysis
  • Lipidomics - MS Standards, Antibodies & Lipid Toolbox
  • Formulations - Liposomes & Nanoparticles
  • Equipment - Liposome Production Tools
  • Custom Services - Synthesis & Beyond

Avanti’s clients include Pharmaceutical Industries, Nutraceutical Industries and Lipid Researchers. People do amazing things with our lipids. What will you do?

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