The Sabre Developer Experience - API and Innovation


Airlines are investing in open technology systems to drive transformation. Sabre sees the value of opening our platform and making it more accessible and flexible for partners, thereby allowing airlines to partner with their own partners, and ultimately achieving their own goals. API First Open Developer Platform, the API is the first interface into the Sabre Platform. Collaborative Outside-in build approach to provide enhanced business API capabilities (APIs as Products). End-to-end retailing capabilities End-to-end retailing, distribution and fulfillment capabilities for B2B and B2C touchpoints. Extensible API Catalog built using modern tech (REST/JSON), flexible microservices architecture, cloud and continuous delivery framework. Developer Experience Matters Modern enterprise grade developer experience focused on abstraction, simplification & consistency. Nurture and grow our Developer Community. Data and Analytics Data Driven decision supported by real-time insights into API Consumption and Performance metrics. Digital Connect API Platform Approach (Orchestrated APIs) Shop and book Manage your booking Check-in Atomic Approach (Granular APIs) Airport Call center Enabled by optional products Exchange Shop Travel Bank Dynamic Currency Conversion Intelligent Calendar Third-party integration Cars Hotels Insurance Developer experience SDKs Java .Net Developer portal API reference Mock services Developer documentation Code snippets Use-case examples Mock services for testing API pricing and analytics Analytics dashboard Internal and external Performance metrics Consumption metrics API consumption information Customer enablement Professional services Training Design and optimization Build