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Launched in 2015, LocusLabs set out to create a spatial data platform for buildings that?s more approachable for non-technical facility operators, while providing a premium map and directory experience to occupants and visitors. In a world where ?near-me? search and wayfinding have been broadly adopted, the desire to make similar tools available in built spaces has only grown. LocusLabs has led the way, with a powerful platform that gets more sophisticated with each new release and partnerships with world-class brands. In a short time, LocusLabs has become the industry standard for airports and airlines, with the biggest and most innovative names in aviation using the LocusMaps platform and our indoor positioning services to create better experiences for travelers, and meaningfully improving operations in large and complex spaces.  Acuity Brands, Inc.  (NYSE: AYI), the North American leader in commercial lighting and controls, acquired LocusLabs in November, 2019.

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