Feedwater Heaters


Holtec provides comprehensive utility feedwater heater solutions to the power industry. Holtec feedwater heaters are designed and fabricated to the highest standards of reliability and quality for power plants ranging from 10 MW to 1500 MW. A wide variety of configurations are offered such as horizontal, vertical, channel up, channel down, one zone, two zone, three zone, duplex or combinations that are best suited to meet our clients’ needs. High pressure heater channel closures can be cup forged with bolted covers, pressure seals, breech locks or hemi-head/manways. Holtec also offers replacement application services.
HOLTEC ASIA PVT. LTDHoltec Asia was established in 2010 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Holtec International. Incorporated under the laws of the Republic of India, Holtec Asia’s engineering facility in Pune, Maharashtra was initially established to support the efforts of its US-based parent company. Due to the exponential demand for innovative heat transfer solutions in the Middle East and North Africa region, Holtec Asia quickly grew into an engineering and manufacturing powerhouse.  Holtec Asia’s Precision Fabrication Systems manufacturing plant in Dahej opened in 2017. This facility fabricates state-of-the-art technologies, including Air-Cooled Condensers and other Heat Transfer equipment to support the solar, petrochemical, geothermal and fossil power industries worldwide. Holtec Asia’s engineers specialize in the areas of Mechanical Design, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and more.  Like all Holtec subsidiaries, Holtec Asia operates under Holtec’s Corporate Quality Assurance, Safety and Corporate Governance programs. This has helped us immensely in raising the quality of our deliverables, attaining superb personnel safety metrics, and maintaining a clean and transparent corporate culture. In our quest for excellence, we strive for absolute client satisfaction and the utmost protection of the environment.  As Holtec Asia grows and expands its services, we look forward to revolutionizing technologies that provide client satisfaction and protect the environment.

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