IONPURE Continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) for water purification


Ionpure® was the first to commercialize continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) for water purification. Evoqua has transformed traditional EDI water treatment with an option that doesn’t use traditional mixed-bed deionization technologies. While conventional ion exchange is a practical treatment option when high-flow and high-conductivity requirements aren’t critical, there are many situations where CEDI technology is a cost-effective and high-quality alternative. While most traditional water purification technologies and equipment utilize chemicals to complete the ion exchange process. Evoqua’s state-of-the-art Ionpure® water purification modules use resin, electricity and ion-exchange membranes to deionize water by separating the impurities from it.
Evoqua Water TechnologiesEvoqua Water Technologies is the global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve the world’s most fundamental natural resource: water. Evoqua has a more than 100-year heritage of innovation and industry firsts, market-leading expertise, and unmatched customer service, where it continues to transform water and wastewater. Its cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services ensure uninterrupted quantity and quality of water, enable regulatory and environmental compliance, increase efficiency through water reuse, and prepare customers for next-generation demands. Evoqua’s unparalleled portfolio of proven brands, advanced technologies, mobile and emergency water supply solutions and service helps cities across the world provide and discharge clean water, and enable leisure and commercial industry to maximize productivity and profitability. Who we serve: Evoqua serves a wide range of industrial markets including: food and beverage, chemical processing, hydrocarbon processing, life sciences, marine, microelectronics, mining, oil and gas, and power. The company also serves the municipal water and wastewater market and provides support to more than 200,000 installations worldwide. Service is at our core. We offer reliable and responsive services backed by knowledgeable water experts and the water industry’s most extensive service network. Our service technicians can reach 85% of the US and CA population in under two hours. That means Evoqua can make issues go away quickly. Innovation is part of our DNA dating back more than 100 years when one of the founders of one of our businesses -- Wallace & Tiernan -- invented the process to disinfect drinking water using chlorine and filtration. Life Magazine later cited the invention as 'probably the most significant public health advancement of the millennium'​ for helping to save countless lives. We continue to innovate for our customers every day.