Virtual Leadership Roundtable : AI guided Sustainable, Flexible & Autonomous Power Generation

Summit Stage
Leadership Roundtable
Generation [conventional & renewable]


Energy transition is forcing Thermal power plants behave like home inverters – as reliable, autonomous, backup capacity. But are they geared for this challenge in India & APAC? Rise of renewable generation and subsequent cyclic operations has caused reduction in plant performance, high emissions, thermal stress, deteriorating asset health, instability in minimum load. This impacts efficiency, reliability, profitability and long term sustainability.

To navigate these challenges, contain costs, and reduce carbon footprint, the intuitive, rule-of-thumb thermal power plants of yesterday would need to transform rapidly into digital utilities of the future. Domain-driven; context-aware, digital twins could hold answers to the above pressing problems with a hybrid combo of AI & thermodynamics-based modeling. While digital transformation is often clouded in myths about high cost, low maturity, and risks of data security, yet there are trailblazers who have trodden the digital path successfully.