On-Demand Fireside Chat - Mr. B.C. Mallick, Chief Engineer, Central Electricity Authority

Thursday, January 14, 2021 9:15 AM to 12:30 PM · 3 hr. 15 min. (Africa/Abidjan)
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Expert Talk with Shri. B.C. Mallick, Chief Engineer, Thermal Project Renovation & Modernization (TPRM), CEA

Mr. Mallick spearheads the Implementation of R&M/ Life Extension program for efficiency & environmental improvement of thermal power stations. Monitoring the implementation of measures at the thermal generating units to comply with the new environmental norms. He has Prepared a graded action plan for FGD implementation based on SO2 dispersal from chimney and ambient air quality which will help in restricting imports and developing indigenous manufacturing base.  He has published a report on road map for flexible operation of thermal, gas and hydro power stations to facilitate integration of renewable generation into grid from 175 GW RES in the year, 2021-22.  

Presently working as chairman of a committee constituted for selection of thermal units, conducting pilot test and preparation of guidelines for flexible operation.  Dealing with international cooperation, CEA-JCOAL, Japan MOU, on Efficiency and Environmental Improvement of Coal Fired Power Stations – Towards sustainable, stable and low carbon supply of electricity under Indo-Japan cooperation. .Associated with the best O&M study conducted at DSTPS, DVC and Paddy straw (30%) co-firing study at Punjab.  

He has previously working as Chief Engineer & Member Secretary of National Power Committee (NPC), looking after implementation of various measures for enhancement of grid security & stability, Automatic load shedding scheme, df/dt relays, line differential protection, free governor mode operation of power generating unit. Prepared accounting methodology for bilateral short term and collective transaction during grid disturbance.   

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