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Manav Energy Pvt Ltd. is a subject matter expert in the field of Electrical safety and reliability for power generation, transmission, distribution, process industries, infrastructure, and mission-critical establishments. We provide end to end solution comprising of survey, audit, design, supply, installation & commissioning, root cause analysis in the field of:

- Earthing & Bonding

- Lightning Protection & Management

- Electromagnetics

- Transient and Steady-State Analysis

- Substation Testing

- Power Quality

- Power Systems

We provide our technology services to sectors such as Power, Solar farms, Wind farms, Infrastructure, Rail, Petrochemical, Mining, Telecom, Smart cities, Manufacturing Plants, and other industries where electrical safety and reliability is a primary concern.

Some of the major solutions given are listed below:

• Earthing & Bonding - design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning for manufacturing industry and large infrastructure.

• Earthing and lightning protection audit for substations, manufacturing plants, Large Infrastructure and other critical establishments.

• Transient analysis including Ferro resonance and harmonics study to determine route cause of incidents.

• EM management survey and study

MEPL continuously hones its skills through research, development, and design to achieve greater safety for life and asset. 

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