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Build and share awesome engineering apps VIKTOR is the low-code platform empowering engineers to build and share user-friendly web apps with nothing but Python.
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marketeers, account executives
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Automate the boring, engineer the awesome! VIKTOR is an application development platform that enables engineers and other domain experts to rapidly build their own web applications with our Python Software Development Kit. Our platform gives you the ability to centralise and distribute data, models and analyses to other experts such that it acts as a single point of truth. Furthermore, it integrates with data sources and all relevant software packages. In combination with the ability to automate and use algorithms you are able to find the best solution fast. Understandable insights are provided by means of a dashboard to all relevant personas. With VIKTOR you turn knowledge into an asset. Our mission is to automate the boring and engineer the awesome! This will facilitate the unlocking of the world's real engineering potential.
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