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At LessonUp we want to help teachers to create the best and most engaging lessons possible, to keep their students involved. Our goal is to help out as many as 1 million teachers worldwide to do this and to improve education by doing so. For this, we've created our easy-to-use platform where teachers can make interactive, present-day classes to share with their students. Together, teachers and team LessonUp created thousands of lessons, videos, images, and assignments to work with. And the cool part: this can be used in-class or remote! An easy and fun way to teach - just like it should be.

We look for
Purpose driven professionals on tech and business side
Company Description
Ed Tech company with 32 employees. Currently focussing on internationalization, scalability and developing from a start up phase to a scale up phase.
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On the talent day our people team will be ready for you to tell you everything about LessonUp, our vision and our mission to improve education.

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