Royal Cast Investment Powder


ROYAL-CAST™ is a breakthrough in low cost, high quality, gypsum bonded investment material developed specifically for the casting of high & low production Brass & Bronze jewelry castings. High purity raw materials, specially graded refractory minerals, special additives and control chemicals for stable working times that reproduce sharp, detailed castings without watermarks an excellent choice for the quality conscious jewelry manufacturer makes ROYAL-CAST™ the perfect choice in production. FEATURES • Ease of use – Mixes a thin, creamy, easy to pour consistency • High purity – Uses only the world’s finest raw materials from America & Europe • Control – Incorporates special, proprietary wetting and antifoaming agents for smooth, sharp, detailed castings • Variable w/p ratios – Can be used for thick to thin designs using 38%-41% water to powder ratio • Superior mold strength – Engineered to have superior mold strength for casting both small and the largest flasks in both small and high volume shops • Heat resistance – Highly resistant to temperature with good thermal shock properties • Sharp reproduction – Engineered particle size distribution especially for brass. Captures the delicate details Independent tests performed by some of the world’s best known casting companies, Prestige “ROYAL-CAST” has proven to be a truly superior investment for gold that “SURPASSES THE INDUSTRY STANDARD”.
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