Prestige Sigma Investment Powder


Prestige SIGMA™ is a high value, low cost gypsum bonded investment powder developed by Certus to provide the user and industry with an investment powder engineered specially to eliminate costly surface defects associated with casting the most difficult designs and shapes cast in silver and bronze. FEATURES • Uses the highest purity raw materials available • Variable water to powder ratio, 38 – 40/100 for thick to thin designs • User friendly formula, easy to mix and use • Superior thermal shock resistance to temperature. Highly resistant to flashing and cracking • Special proprietary control chemicals easily remove air from the investment slurry and pattern surface to provide super smooth, bubble free castings time after time • Provides extra smooth, dense, flash free castings • Easy removal during water quench. Breaks away cleanly into a fine powder to reduces cleanup time • Better casting results, even when less than perfect mixing techniques are observed • ZERO defects policy. All batches test cast in silver to ensure perfect quality before shipping Independent tests performed by some of the world’s best known casting companies, Prestige “SIGMA” has proven to be a truly superior investment for gold that “SURPASSES THE INDUSTRY STANDARD”.
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