WHITENOR: the new aesthetics of white in electroplating


WHITENOR® is the surprising Berkem process for Platinum-Ruthenium-based decorative and thickness galvanic baths that guarantees extremely white and shiny deposits perfect alternative to rhodium, pure platinum and palladium solutions. - Platinum-Ruthenium alloy - Color coordinates L*88; a*0,55; b*2,8 - Shiny white color free of any yellowish reflections - High color stability with wide range of applied current (3 to 6 V) - User-friendliness and deposition on any metal surface including silver - Chemical stability of the solution which guarantees a long-lasting bath - Deposits with up to 3 micron thicknesses which determine its excellent performance as an intermediate deposit before final color finishing WHITENOR® is the evolution of pure platinum formulations, a contemporary and innovative approach to electroplating, result of research and tests carried out by Berkem R&D Team in order to meet the current needs of the jewelry and fashion market.
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