POWER - rectifiers for plating


POWER is the line of high-tech digital power rectifiers designed by Berkem for use in galvanic systems of any size dedicated to different surface treatments (electrodeposition, cataphoresis, etc.). The innovation lies in the built-in proprietary software that allows different programs (from 5 to 9 depending on the model) to be set simply and intuitively, including the automatic management of work in ramps and the precise calculation of actual consumption for each work cycle. This calculation is essential for the addition of the different replenishers to the solution (especially in the presence of automatic dosing pumps) and to assess production costs. The combination of these features ensures that the colour and quality of the deposit will be maintained over time. - High-sensitivity switching electronic power supplies - Multiple and programmable work cycles - Calculation of consumption for each individual program - Easy-to-use digital interface
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