GALVALINK - benchtop modular plating plants


GALVALINK is the line of 1-, 2- and 5-litre modular pilot galvanic systems haracterized by maximum practicality, versatility of use and advanced engineering. GALVALINK makes it possible to carry out any galvanic bath process in ccordance with best practice, controlling its actual consumption. The GALVALINK line is divided into: - GALVALINK 302B base unit equipped with: digital power rectifier, programmable from 12 V - 10 A; 2 x 2-litre Pyrex glass tanks; stainless steel and platinised titanium anodes (degreasing and galvanic bath); heating and handling. - GALVALINK 302S and GALVALINK 305S satellite units, without built-in rectifier, connectable to the base unit or to an external POWER rectifier; equipped with 2 Pyrex glass tanks, with capacity of 2 and 5 litres, respectively, each with platinised titanium anodes, handling, heating and thermal safety probe. - Reduction kit for 1-litre baths to use GALVALINK 302B and 302S with only 1-litre of solution. Up to 3 satellite units can be connected to the base unit, obtaining a functional 8-tank galvanic system. The GALVALINK 302S and 305S satellite units, duly connected to a dedicated power rectifier (POWER 202RP), can also be used for cataphoresis processes. **Easy-to-use digital interface **Multi-parameter working (voltage, current, time, amps/minutes) **5 independent work programs each with their own ampereminutametre for calculating consumption **Powerful variable speed magnetic stirrer **Thermal safety probe **Stainless steel assembly components
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