What's new in 2021/2022 at DWS


DWS develops high-tech solutions for the jewelry and fashion industry. High resolution, definition, accuracy, precision of details. The performance of DWS printers is unparalleled in the industry thanks to the continuous research conducted by the R&D department, which designs not only the 3D printers but also the materials (castable and functional) and the management software: a fully integrated system that ensures complete control over all processes and components necessary for the realization of objects. Among the new applications and technologies stand out 3D cluster printing for direct casting (XCluster), printing of chains already dented (XCluster Chain) and printing of finished products characterized by textures and transparent surfaces, which reproduce ceramics or suitable for customization through classic treatments. Thanks to the combination of materials, stereolithographic 3D printer and specially designed software, the workflow becomes completely digital and automated. This increases company productivity by reducing time to market, decreasing production time and costs.
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