Our mission is to empower employees around the world to be their best at work.

At empower®, we develop Office solutions that empower users worldwide to work more easily, consistently and efficiently with Office. 

empower® is a holistic add-in suite directly integrated into Microsoft Office and includes a central library for all slides, presentations, documents and templates, central email signature management, design-compliant formatting and many productivity tools. 

Quickly create properly formatted Gantt and waterfall charts and easily build complex charts that link to Excel. With empower®, the leading content management system for PowerPoint, you will create presentations 30% faster with integrated productivity tools. Format charts and switch between 4:3 and 16:9 with one click. 

Easily manage multiple brands and let empower® increase brand consistency by 3X with its corporate design check. Find, manage and share all content using the slide library. Imagine everything in one place, instantly searchable, available offline, and always up-to-date. 

Or speak with us and let us show you how empower®  can transform the way you and your organization work with PowerPoint.

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