Quantum Entropy Generation Solutions


Enhanced entropy generation for your quantum-safe cryptography journey. Randomness modules provide turnkey standard interfaces to the phase-diffusion technology, through FMC and PCI/e hardware. • Randomness modules powered by Quside chipsets (FMC, PCIe) • Real-time monitoring using strong randomness metrology. • Applied to a variety of markets: from IoT devices to satellites or data centers. • Built upon Quside’s phase-diffusion technology. • Multiple interfaces & customizations possible The Quside FMC 400 has been specifically designed for FPGA engineers to allow a facile and versatile integration. Building on Quside’s proprietary phase-diffusion quantum random number generation technology, it provides 400 Mb/s of raw random numbers. Please get in touch with our business and sales representatives, so we can understand your company's quantum demands and present you with more details about our product specifications.