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IMAGINE, CREATE, ACCOMPLISH - micro assembly technologies/application solutions

DoMicro embarks upon business opportunities in the emerging field of flexible hybrid electronics (FHE). At the forefront of innovation we aim for innovative industrial processes and technologies for applications in FHE and micro devices. Supported by prototyping, service integration and micro assembly, this will bring your ideas from innovation into industrialisation. DoMicro excells in developing cutting edge inkjet printing processes, micro assembly and 3D packaging technology.

We engage in R&D programs and projects for customers providing contract research and/or technology consultancy. To show our capability, we display demonstrator applications. This can inspire you to define next innovation. Our ISO7 cleanroom infrastructure and network in high tech industry provide excellent conditions to enable results. As a competent technology partner, DoMicro can support customers technology roadmap.

The company delivers R&D services, small series production, system architecture and project management. Typically for customers exploring new technologies for circuitry on flexible substrates like transparent conductive films, OPV electrodes, OLED, Lab-on-chip, wearables, in-mold electronics, IC and MEMS integrations.

Major Activities: outsourced innovative R&D projects

- Flexible Hybrid Electronics

- Inkjet printed electronics

- Micro assembly technology

- Advanced packaging

Our approach is agile, flexible and dedicated. Let’s cross boundaries together, our dedicated and flexible team invites you: Do it ‘Do Micro’.

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