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DTI is a leading research and technology Institute. We currently employ 1000+ specialists and we help in excess of 10.000 customers a year – representing 65 different countries.

We pride ourselves of being a multi-disciplinary Institute, which also means that we often look at your challenge in an innovative manner – tapping into different specialties in order to find the best-suited solution for you. Organizational we are divided into 7 divisions (Production & Innovation, Materials, Environmental Technology, Energy & Climate, Agro technology, Building & Construction and Meat research) – please have a closer look at them underneath – and keep in mind, that we always welcome a challenge.

Danish Technological Institute is an independent and general research and development institute, located in Denmark, consisting of over 70 laboratories with over 1000 specialists, covering a wide range of application areas.

DTI Printed Electronics is a group of highly dedicated specialists working within innovative nanomaterials, nano enabled formulation, digital print processes and testing for the printed electronics industry. DTI Printed Electronics is also running the innovation test bed platform LEE-BED, which can get you access to the leading European experts, offering both services and infrastructure access.

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