Shaping Global Nanofuture

XTPL is a company developing globally innovative, additive manufacturing technology that enables ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials. Unique XTPL printing system allows for precise deposition of an in-house formulated nanoink on a variety of substrates to obtain conductive & nonconduvtive submicron structures.

XTPL operates in the nanotechnology market segment. The company develops and commercializes its XTPL® Delta Printing System with Ultra-Precise Deposition technology and XTPL® conductive inks which enable ultra-high resolution and precision for rapid prototyping applications. XTPL Delta Printing System uses the XTPL’s proprietary Ultra Precise Deposition (UPD) technology and is a high-precision rapid prototyping printing system for microelectronics with the capability of printing ultra-fine features down to 1.5 micrometer.

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