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META® delivers previously unachievable performance, across a range of applications, by inventing, designing, developing, and manufacturing scalable, sustainable, highly functional materials and intelligent surfaces. Our extensive technology platform is software and AI-design driven. Core capabilities include: holography, lithography, wireless sensing, ARfusion™, and PLASMAfusion™.

We are able to develop a library of solutions and functional prototypes much faster and at lower cost than traditional chemical synthesis. We enable leading global brands to deliver breakthrough products to their customers in consumer electronics, 5G communications, health and wellness, aerospace, automotive, and clean energy. Our nano-optic technology provides anti-counterfeiting security features for government documents and currencies and authentication for brands. META® owns a broad and growing portfolio of intellectual property, patents, and trademarks. Our achievements have been widely recognized, including being named a Lux Research Innovator of the Year in 2021.

Meta is from the Greek, meaning to “go beyond.” Metamaterials are a new class of functional materials, designed around unique patterns or structures, which cause them to interact with light and other forms of energy in ways not found in nature. Metamaterials enable properties and capabilities that go beyond those found in natural materials and which are generally not possible to create using conventional material discovery or specialty chemical manufacturing technologies. To learn more about the science behind the design of metamaterials and the nanofabrication technologies used to make them, click here.

META® is a platform technology company. We seek to partner with the leading OEMs across an expanding range of industries. Contact us to learn more about how we may work together to go beyond.

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