Considered the expert in next-gen printed electronics, for over twenty years, Austin Texas, based NovaCentrix has been the go-to leader for our Metalon® conductive inks, nanopowders, and materials. For information on highly compatible PulseForge curing, sintering, soldering, and debonding tools, please visit PulseForge.

PulseForge® tools utilize photonic curing which is a cutting edge technology that dries, sinters, and anneals functional inks in milliseconds on low-temperature, flexible substrates such as paper and plastic. PulseForge tools can save time and money, and enable new types of products in applications like solar, RFID, display, packaging, and circuit. Our Metalon® conductive inks capitalize on advanced materials and formulation to provide conductivity options for additive manufacturing of printed electronics with stretchable, solderable, resistive, and magnetic qualities.

NovaCentrix partners with you to take ideas from inception to full production. Our PulseForge tools continue to revolutionize the printed electronics industry through photonic curing, enabling product innovators and manufacturers the option of flexible, low cost substrates and functionality not possible with conventional ovens and lasers.

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