Founded in 2013, Voltera is a rapidly scaling technology company that has been driving change in the additive electronics industry by making rapid prototyping easier. We make tools for every electronics project — whether it’s teaching students the fundamentals of electronics, enabling product developers to design today’s innovative solutions, or providing a platform for researchers to explore the materials and methods of the future. We enable iteration and innovation — quickly — on the desks and in the labs of organizations all over the globe.

Not only are we headquartered in Canada, but all our products are built and shipped from here too.

3D ElectronicsAdvanced MaterialsAR/VRCompositesConductive InksDigital PrintingE-TextilesFlexible and Additive ElectronicsFlexible Hybrid ElectronicsGreen Materials and ElectronicsInMold ElectronicsPrinted ElectronicsPrinted SensorsSensorsSkin PatchesStretchable ElectronicsTransparent Conductive FilmsWearable and Flexible Electronics for MedicalWearable ElectronicsWearable Sensors

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