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Codex DNA is on a mission to empower scientific researchers in both academic and commercial settings with the hardware, software, materials, and methodologies required to rapidly and accurately write large quantities of synthetic genes to, in effect, build biology.

We are decentralizing DNA synthesis with the world's most innovative portfolio of synthetic biology platform technologies.

Our gene synthesis portfolio reduces the turnaround time for synthesizing biology workflows from weeks and months down to days and hours and includes the BioXp™ 3250 system — the world's first and only gene printer, variant library services, and Gibson Assembly® reagents.

In addition to automating, speeding, and optimizing DNA design and synthesis, Codex DNA and the BioXp™ system ensure your designs stay in your hands, marrying speed and security for innovators in drug discovery, vaccine development, DNA data storage, and beyond.

Founded by Dan Gibson — the creator of the industry-standard Gibson Assembly® methodology — Codex DNA is attempting nothing less than changing everything.

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