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Celebrate with us!  Conagen won SBB's Product of the Year award for advancing the nutrition space by developing a human lactoferrin and a non-GMO human milk oliogosaccharide.  Both critical in health development.

More nutritional developments and opportunities are underway. 

Today (9/29), we announced, in addition to the development of  non-GMO HMO and human lactoferrin products, Conagen is the first company to commercialize an odorless and tasteless butyrate releaser, otherwise known as FBA. 

FBA delivers butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that helps infants develop their gut and immune systems to mitigate a number of pathologies including common food allergies to cow’s milk.  It is an important health postbiotic and probiotic molecule for building gut health and immunity, and countering inflammation.

While FBA has been licensed in the infant formula space, there are partnership opportunities still available in applications spanning food and beverage, medical nutrition, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals.

About Us

Making Impossible Possible! Conagen is an accomplished biotechnology company located in the greater-Boston biotech corridor.

Our scientists and engineers innovate and develop synthetic biology solutions for supporting global partners across a spectrum of current and developing markets.

From our proprietary strain development to fermentation and scaling up, Conagen supports partners’ abilities to sell and market products in the:


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