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There are many myths and legends about the people of Finland. How from technological innovation to designing everyday items, we combine top expertise and creativity, filter them through a practical, problem-solving attitude, and the end results are history.

Get to know a Finnish company, and you will find a straight-forward attitude to business, open minds and new ways of doing things. Find yourself a Finn!

Companies and organisations to explore at this booth:

Central Line Entertainment 

Pertti's Choice 

Redanredan - Real-time Sketchnotes, Illustrations & Cartoon Videos 

Licensing International Nordics

AGMA, the Association of Agents and Managers in Creative Industries of Finland represents agencies and managers working in all creative industries such as design and graphics, publishing, photography, performing arts, music, games and media. We organize events and training, act as a spokesman of our members and actively take part in creative industry business development on a national and international level.

Licensing International Nordics is the Nordics and Baltic chapter of Licensing International, operated from Helsinki by AGMA.

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